Why choose us?

Hi. Thank you for your interest. We know the Prague film community well, and the talented people around the city – we work in the industry. FAMU, for instance, the Czech state school, is where friends and colleagues have graduated from, or currently teach at. PFS (Prague Film School) is one of the longest-running independent film schools, started in the 2000's by an American acquaintance, whom we know – friends also work there. There are a few others. Celso Destefano and myself created Prague International Film Academy (PIFA) and Fluid Radian (our production company) after successfully producing and directing a feature film together. We believe in ourselves as a production team, and so decided to share our experiences. We know practically everyone here in Prague’s bustling film community, so it’s hard to say there are better film faculty out there. Sure, there are specifically talented people, such as cameramen who are more knowledgeable than others, lighting designers, make-up artists, actors etc. But we focus on the entire aspect of the filmmaking process, bringing together these talents and all of the individual elements necessary to produce the film! We are qualified and experienced - from start to finish, and have the talent around us to serve the students’ needs - but in the end, the student becomes the expert. The proof will be in the actual film that they achieve during the intensive, and the journey getting there – the learning curve cannot be doubted. So while most other schools are not production-company oriented, we are, and know what it takes to get things done and work side by side with the students every step of the way. Ours is the most affordable film program here and offers the highest level of equipment immediately and with a maximum of only 8 students per course - so we are confident in what we offer. The film industry is alive and well in this small, exciting, relaxed capital, so wherever you may choose to do a film course, Prague is definitely the place to go! Sincerely, R. Scott Williams