What if I am interested in other areas besides directing?
Each workshop produces up to 8 films, so those with specific interests such as screenwriting, cinematography and/or sound design will find plenty of opportunities to offer their services to fellow students. We do not dictate the makeup of each crew but have a system in place that assures each position is filled for every project. That being said, students who wish to specialize in Cinematograghy or Sound Design, etc., can focus in that specific area. Those with purely a directorial approach, will still be required to serve as camera, gaffers, sound recordists, general crew, etc., on other projects to ensure a well-rounded approach that accounts for collaboration. All students are welcome to organize alternatives to our pre-arranged crew lists with faculty approval. Otherwise, students will rotate through and support each other's films in a balanced, productive manner. We do however, understand the importance of specialization so we account for this.


*Should I apply early?
With a limit of 8 students per intensive, applying early is not just recommended, it's imperitive. Once you choose the appropriate dates, please send your inquirey so we can begin the application process. Applying in a timely manner is important due to your working out the logistics of traveling to Europe for 4+ weeks. *- €200 Euro discount applies to those students who enroll and pay before Jan. 1st 2019!


Does PIFA offer an official degree or accreditation ?
Prague International Film Academy is not a university as such. Our 4-wk intensive workshops prepare students for the film industry. We do not hand out official academic degrees, although PIFA does provide certificates of completion. Most of all, your experience producing and directing your own high-quality short film will provide the essential 'calling card' you need, as you move forward in the industry. PIFA is a registered S.R.O. company here in The Czech Republic, so we provide a professional-level service in the field of film production.


Can I work while in Prague?

You will have no time for working in Prague during the film intensive, and anyone from outside the EU cannot officially work here without a permit.