Randall Scott Williams - Directing, Acting, Screenwriting, Producing.

Feature film director, producer and screenwriter, R. Scott Williams graduated from San Diego State's film and television department in the 90's, followed by a stint with the JoAnne Baron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio in Los Angeles. He worked in New York City's independent film industry with directors such as Noah Baumbach before making the jump to Prague in 1998, where he has since forged strong relationships in the filmmaking community, worked extensively as an actor and directed and produced two features including Descending Roads (see below). Scott is an accomplished editor and brings over 20 years of teaching experience to PIFA.

Celso Destefano - Directing, Screenwriting, Post-Production

Celso Destefano is a Brazilian film director with over 15 years of experience in compositing, VFX, and editing. He is CEO and founder of Fluid Studio s.r.o. in Prague. His education began with music production (MDS Studio in Sao Paulo) and cinematic language (Academia Internacional de Cinema e TV in Rio de Janeiro.) His directing work includes music videos, shorts and commercials. Celso's experience in post-production includes color-grading multiple features, TV shows and commercials.

Phil Seeger - Producer/Assistant Director

Philip Seeger was born on December 30th, 1971 in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. He has spent the last 20 years working in Europe and specifically in Prague on various large-scale international film productions such as Carnival Row (2019) with Orlando Bloom & The Alienist (2018). Other notable film jobs from the past 2 decades are Babylon A.D. (2008), Hellboy (2004), Blade II (2002), Children of Dune (2003) and The Immortal (2001).


Lukas Dolgner - Cinematography

Lukas Dolgner is an award-winning cinematographer and emerging filmmaker from Berlin, Germany.
As a Director of Photography he has shot multiple feature films and countless shorts, many of which were
international film festival winners. After completing an apprenticeship in media design in Berlin he founded his own production company. Crossbones Independent Films (www.crossbones.eu). The company's first production 'HADES' was a success at festivals around the world, including screenings in Cannes and New York.


Colin F. Stuart - Film Scoring

Czech Grammy winner Colin F. Stuart is our in-house music composer and film dramaturge. A veteran producer with multiple albums (see Colorfactory) and feature films under his belt including Descending Roads (above) & Septej (below), Colin is here to help score your films, to assist you to elicit the mood of your film thru music, as you feel it, and without copyright infringement. We provide an experience few film schools can offer, to work side by side with a music composer.


Matthew Lyne-Watt - Screenwriting

Matthew Lyne-Watt is a filmmaker and screenwriter from England, who, for the past 2 years, has been running a screenwriting program focusing on short film writing. After several years perfecting his craft in New Zealand and Australia, Matt now lives in the epicenter of Prague's vibrant film culture, writing scores of short films and working on a number of feature films as well. He is the founder of the first and only Prague Screenwriting Group, a monthly gathering of writers. Matt's work includes the award winning 48-hour film project, Dear Flatulence (2018), and Before We Left (2018).

Dominik Dolejsi - sound designer

Dominik Dolejsi - sound designer

Dominik Dolejsi - Sound Design

Dominik Dolejší graduated from FAMU (Film Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague. He has worked extensively on both narrative features and documentaries as well as numerous short films - both Czech and international productions, such as Made by Nature, Message from DMNT and FC Roma. He has taught sound design at FAMU, his former university and worked as designer on Jan Nemec’s The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street (below) which was nominated for best film at KVIFF in 2016. Recently he wrapped the doc The Tears of White Elephant, which was shot in Tel Aviv. Dominik is now working in post-production on the Hungarian feature Touch Me Not, both films were accepted to Berlinale. He is also finishing sound design on the Slovak documentary Branci which will go to IDFA.