PIFA was established by film professionals who have worked in the local industry for the past 20 years. We are experts in the field of feature film production. We invite you to join us for a journey from the inside, to meet and work alongside Prague’s creative family of artists and filmmakers. We will help you understand what it means to flourish with experience, and we help you develop your professional skills. Along with providing contacts, we help arrange locations, castings, costumes, props and other details to help you organize your dream into a workable reality.


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Professional gear is a vital part of any filmmaking program and we put it into your hands immediately. Your mastering of professional camera, lighting and sound equipment is our goal and it is necessary to get the most out of your productions. This, along with a practical approach to post-production gives you the confidence to write, produce, direct and edit a high-quality short film worthy of our big-screen celebration.


Our spacious facility in Prague 7

SCHOOL FACILITY – Prague is a UNESCO heritage city and PIFA is located in a beautiful, spacious 19th century building in Prague 7.  We were inspired by the classic exterior, which hides a modern film production center inside. The modern interior inspires creativity and hard work, while the historical aspect grounds the students with a sense of place and time, We invite you to connect to the works of the many traditional Prague artisans, who have created so much here over the millennia. 

Available cameras include Red & Black Magic

We shoot exclusively with high-end, professional-grade cameras (in the past Red & Black Magic) and an array of prime lenses, filters, lighting, grip and sound recording equipment, drones, pro tripods, light meters, clapboards, location management professionals, studio access, and all necessary accessories for executing shooting plans to completion. We are a hands-on, knowledgeable and experienced group of supportive filmmakers. We are here to get your creative vision onto the big screen. Prague is also home to thousands of talented film actors looking to engage in worthwhile projects. PIFA hosts castings during each workshop and keeps an extensive database of actors as well.

Pifa's cinema w/5.1 surround sound.

Pifa's cinema w/5.1 surround sound.


Our post production facilities are equipped with Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Pro tools for sound mixing. Nuendo 3 is the chosen software used by our resident music composer.



STUDIOS: The school has available studio space for casting, rehearsing and shooting, and we offer green screen technology and post sound capability (ADR.)


FILM AND VIDEO LIBRARY: Students are welcome to enjoy PIFA’s great collection of modern filmmaking literature on directing, producing, screenwriting, sound, cinematography and film acting. In addition, we offer digital projection archives for study and entertainment.

CASTING: Directors will find, invite and cast most of their actors from Prague’s extensive community of professional-level talent. Trained actors from all over the world have congregated here in this art-driven region, and fortunately we have access to this wealth of talent. PIFA's faculty includes working actors as well as filmmakers, so access to local actors of all ages is one of our strengths - both Czech and international talent abounds - speaking all languages. We have personal relationships with local casting agencies and many of Prague's English-speaking acting programs are run by personal friends. We host on-camera acting programs as well at PIFA, and with our monthly castings, we help guide you through the finer points of directing, which is invaluable as you move forward to direct on set.

COSTUMES/PROPS/SET DESIGN: Barrandov Studios offers a world-class costume & prop department - a collection among the largest in Europe. Barandov Studios is also home to our friends at Panavision - a great resource for our students.

HANGOUTS FOR STUDENTS: The area in and around PIFA has an array of brilliant cafes, which serve as ideal meeting points for students and faculty, where film projects will continually take shape through script and story development and production planning. Adjacent to our facility is an indoor/outdoor exhibition space with its own firepit, beer garden and cafe. Prague's biggest park, Stromovka is a stone's throw away from PIFA. Our facility has an outdoor garden as well - a place to relax, have a drink and chat with fellow students. PIFA offers a spacious modern student reception lounge - a superb spot for reading, writing and production meetings.

LOCATIONS: We guide you through the entire process of location scouting, help secure any necessary permissions, and provide guidance on challenges that your film scripts may present. We quickly identify problematic issues, such as shooting in difficult locations - stations, airports, metros, hospitals, etc., and deal with them. Prague undoubtedly offers an unparalleled variety of quality locations and is quite easy-going about filming in the city, but issues may arise, so we help with a local's knowledge.  


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