On-camera Acting course:

PIFA's On-camera Acting course provides a safe and dynamic environment for actors to develop their craft for the big screen.

Our large-screen cinema/acting studio provides the perfect location for scene study & direct feedback, where actors are filmed and showcased doing what they love, and receive valuable feedback in a friendly supportive setting. 

Instructors are professional actors and directors currently working in Prague's dynamic film and commercial industry.  
We work with local acting agencies and casting directors, and share our ever-expanding network of contacts.

We put the camera to work for you, ensuring your comfortable relationship to light, lens and blocking and we skillfully guide you through scene work, and bring out your best.



Workshop begins July 7th (Saturdays - 2pm to 5pm)
4 classes per month 1800Kc.


  • July 7th to 28th

  • August 4th to 25th

  • September 8th to 29th

For enrollment please email us at pifa@praguefilmacademy.com

At a glance:

  • Dynamic environment for actors to develop their craft for the big screen

  • Perfect location for scene study & feedback

  • Approaches to dialogue

  • Practical instruction for castings and auditions

  • English language practice for non-native English-speakers.

  • Hitting marks

  • Understanding the camera

  • 12 hours of total instruction

Why choose PIFA's 4-week Acting for Film program?

  • We focus on individual artistic development and growth

  • Instructors are fellow actors, who currently write and direct in the film industry

  • Our fully functional in-house cinema/studio provides the perfect setting for immediate feedback.

Our facility in Prague 7 is a large and comfortable, with a reception area, outdoor garden & plenty of room to prepare, rehearse & relax throughout.

You will practice finding your mark naturally, understanding how each lens and angle affects your performance and primarily you will develop your strengths and weaknesses, to take full advantage of your comfort zone (and non-comfort zone) in this ever challenging and dynamic field.

Your time at PIFA includes:

  • Working and studying with a professional team, dedicated to your growth.

  • A fresh education model melding fun and creativity together with quality material.

  • Getting to the core of what acting is all about – paying attention!

PIFA fosters diversity within the student body and strictly focuses on getting the best from your personal stories as actors, to put YOU out there in the world for the rest of us to enjoy on film. PIFA strives to recognize student independence by allowing freedom and respect in the process, encouraging leaders to emerge and to contribute to the overall well-being of the school.

Our services can also include the creation of showreels and*headshots.
*Additional fee