Welcome to
  Prague International Film Academy
May / June / July / August / September
Tuition: €2,300 (2,100)*

*Students enrolling before January 1st 2019
receive a tuition discount of
 - €200.
Official deadline March 1st 2019

(4-wk Workshop)

Welcome to PIFA, the producer’s film school, offering 4-week intensive filmmaking workshops that put 8 students in the driver’s seat, each walking away from their investment with a high-quality short film. Students write, direct and edit their own films to be presented here at PIFA’s monthly film festival - a community event at PIFA KINO, our own art-house cinema. We guide each student’s film from script to screen, providing valuable instruction along the way in cinematography, screenwriting, directing, (including workshops in casting and directing actors), producing, sound design plus all facets of post-production. You’ll gain the hands-on experience of being thrown into the fire, in a disciplined, high-energy environment, and complete your film on budget within a strict timeframe - a total immersion into all areas of production, including editing, sound design, musical score & post-color to ensure your film's successful presentation at the end of the course.

Student Short Film - Summer 2018 filmmaking bootcamp:

These film workshops (bootcamps) are designed for students with some experience behind them, who wish to improve their filmmaking and story-telling skills in a disciplined, production-company environment. We focus on collaboration as we guide your film projects from script to screen.

May 2nd - June 1st
June 2nd - June 29th
June 30th  - July 27th
Aug. 1st - Aug 31st
Sept. 1st - Sept. 

Tuition payment deadline is March 1st 2019.
Early enrollment before January 1st 2019
Each course - 8 students = 8 short films produced!

PIFA KINO - Prague Film Academy’s Art-House Cinema

 pifa cinema

Music video - PIFA 2018:

Preparing screenplays PIFA 2018:

 PIFA School script writers meeting

PIFA's facility is located in beautiful Prague 7

PIFA Building

Prague is a creative capital with a vibrant film culture and a dynamic social environment. We strive to maintain a balance between the discipline necessary to achieve your goals and the team-oriented fun that the city provides. Students must come prepared to stay focused and work hard together as a team in order to achieve great results.

Produce and direct your film here in Prague!